Magna Carta Playing Cards 800th Anniversary Series Commemorate the foundation of liberty with this gorgeous limited edition deck series.

$ 29.95

Choose A Side Royals vs. Rebels Symbolism and story wait to be discovered in this luxurious black and white deck set. Commanding black of the King feature  the lions of the Angevin Empire. The white Rebels deck displays intricate linework and composition showing the multiple regions of the Barons uniting against royalty.

Factions Unite Interactive Design Luxurious foiled etchings of each suit drape across the decks. These unique decks display any suit of your choice. Subtle embossing creates beautiful pleated patterns across the face of the premium linen stock and the interior reveals an interior replica of the actual 1215 Magna Carta itself.

Welcome To The Court Elegant Depictions Each court family depicts real members of those that affected the signing of the Magna Carta. From King John to Pope Innocent III, these court cards are stylized to play well in a game while adding that extra level of authenticity to those looking to discover more.

Make History Display the world's first mural ever featured along the sides of a deck. Capture history for your shelf by getting two sets now! 

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