Verana & Inverno Seasons Collection Visually capture the changing seasons with this 2014 award winning gold and silver playing card series

$ 29.95

The Iconic Box Groundbreaking Design The iconic Seasons deck introduced the world of playing cards to interactive design. The set features beautiful complimenting silver and gold foil embossing across the set, creating a stunning display of elegance fit for any room exhibit.

Timeless Design An Instant Classic Inspired by the ideas of transformation and growth, this set is made to capture the rare moment of duality through a luxury collection of playing cards

Greet Royalty Individually Illustrated Each face card is intricately designed with bold and elegant figures that mesmerize audiences and collectors alike. Subtle shades and highlights transform these courts into true eye-candy.

Start Your Saga Includes 1 Verana Deck + 1 Inverno Deck. Collect the other two seasons here for the full collection!

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