Mystery Vault Brick

We get it, you like to keep to the classics. Luckily for you this brick is BUILT with all out-of-print decks and proofs from the Seasons line. Many aged to *mwah* perfection. If you started collecting only recently, this is your perfect time to get in on all the decks you missed out on and even get a sale out of it!

Each brick contains:

7x Vault Classics

5x Vault Rares (Guaranteed numbered King John or 2016 Inaugural NPCCD Deck valued at $120+)

- Event Exclusive Signed Private Reserve Deck (free with every brick)

- Free Mystery Display Box with every order that contains a brick. I will try to customize the display box for you if possible to match the decks inside if relevant. 

(Vault rares: They're the highlight pieces of each collection including King John, LTD Seasons, Escher decks, White Label gilded Apothecary decks, and more!

Vault classics: They are the building blocks of each of these collections including decks like Royals and Rebels to help build out the mural or original Seasons decks to help connect across the shelf.)

*Initial thumbnail image for visual reference only.

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