LIMBO v2 // Dantes Redux Edition

LIMBO was designed to create an unexpected loss of autonomy for the holder and was through this lens that the project was created. The concept revolves around two different states and one’s inability to transverse either. The focus then was not about the cards and what they held, but the voided value from the nothingness between. 

The only space where Limbo is broken is on the back design where the typography breaks through the fog. It is a creeping indication that change might be possible, providing a glimpse of optimism if one looks hard enough. 

This V2 print run features the limbo typography shifting in the space and along with it the box designs. There are 5 different tuck designs to chose from of this Black Limbo print run.

What gets ordered in this 24 hour period will get made and delivered. There will be no wholesale or after launch retail on mine or anyone other site.

Estimated ship date for this run end of December. Limit of 5 Limbo decks total. ⁠


Type: Playing Cards