Starter Pair

Our most approachable tier. You're dipping your toe in the water and want to get in on the game. You see everyone talking but aren't quite sure what you want, but you DO KNOW that you don't want to miss out. If that's the case, this is the tier for you.

Bring home this combo and walk away with something incredibly rare for the shelf and something classic to break open this holiday season. If you're looking for a starter pack, this is it!

Each set contains:

1x Vault Classic

1x Uber Rares (Extremely rare decks guaranteed production 75 or less)

- Free Mystery Display Box with every order including this guy! If you're looking for an easy gift box, we got that covered for you! You're locked and loaded.

(Vault classics: They are the building blocks of each of these collections including decks like Royals and Rebels to help build out the mural or original Seasons decks to help connect across the shelf.

Uber rares: Ridiculously limited and incredibly special. Includes the unreleased elixir proofs, 2019 NPCCD Sugar Plums, Missing Island proofs, and more!)

*Bonus Private Reserve deck not valid for this set.

Collections: Manor of Wonder - Rare Mystery Deck Sale

Type: Unknown Type

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