Uber Rare Mystery Deck

After this event you'll question what rare really is. Be part of history and collect a deck that literally less than 75 people in the world will have. Each one of these decks or prototypes is guaranteed to be produced at 75 units or less. For nearly all the Elixirs, each one is run out of 15 decks total. For all this each one of these decks isn't extravagently  priced, because as an artist it's about connecting with your fans and this is my way of connecting with you all. The kind of event where people will be talking about long after it ends. You won't want to miss out.

This event is made to help you or any collector friends (you generously give to) bring something home that is TRULY special to your collection, not just one of several thousand. When you look at one of these decks you'll know that you got something truly unique. 

Uber rares: Each deck is a never before released item. Ridiculously limited and incredibly special. Includes unreleased elixir proofs, 2019 NPCCD Sugar Plum decks, Missing Island proofs, and more!)

Limit 12 per customer. Initial thumbnail image for visual reference only. 


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