Seronda Sentiments Apothecary Collection A Curious Body of Nostalgia

$ 15.95

Intoxicating Illustrations Stolen From A Lost World These wondrous playing cards bathe in the nostalgia of beautiful Apothecary era design. Reveling in the realm of true artisan craftsmanship, the artwork embraces the engraving style illustrations that capture your gaze with details that encourage a second and third look.

Soothe Your Soul Entrancing Designs The blend of reds, lavender, and gold fade and swirl with the captured essence of the falling leaves of Autumn. The mesmerizing back design features the heart, broken and mirrored between two sides.

An Ace of Nostalgia Nostaliga Within Each pack from the Seasons Apothecary is harvested from a specific suit. The pack of Sentiments are plucked from the suit of Hearts. The Ace of Heart blossoms in gold and white from a stunning depth of black. 

Holistic Materials Made in the USA Shimmering silver hot stamp foiling delicately hugs the pack with a of line of elegance. Printed with eco-friendly inks onto paper sourced from sustainable forests. Sculpted emboss of the flowing designs of the pack are raised to highlight the premium linen-textured stock. 

Bring the Apothecary Home Bring home a pack of nostaglia with the Sentiments pack. Make your Apothecary complete with matching Illuminating Insights and Verana Virtues

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