Verana Virtues Apothecary Collection The Captured Essence of Character

$ 15.95

Artisan Craftsmanship Mesmerizing Detail These luxury playing cards bring back to light the old world of craftsmanship with intricate engraving style designs. Custom court cards feature beautifully detailed illustrations that display the delicate and intricate hatchings of their designs that urge a second viewing.

Capturing Nature In Full Bloom Summer reigns with an unbridled energy of unfolding rose petals encased into the cards themselves. A story of intrigue lies behind each pack waiting to be discovered.  Rolling waves of white and gold vine work stretch through the cards into the pack with an energy that can be felt.

Holistic Materials Made in the USA Golden hot stamp foiling wraps the decks with a statement of unbridled class. Sculpted embossed designs raise the petals through the pack to highlight the exquisite linen-textured stock. The paper is sourced from sustainable forests and printed with eco-friendly water based inks true to any great Apothecary.

An Ace of Power Made from Diamonds Each pack from the Seasons Apothecary is harvested from a specific suit. The Virtues is proudly harvested from the suit of Diamonds throughout the deck to represent the vitality and growth of the summer season. 

Your Journey Awaits You... Virtues are finally in your grasp. Pair with a calibrated dose of Primavera Ponderings or Seronda Sentiments to embolden your Apothecary Collection.  

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