Ponderings & Insights Set Apothecary Collection Keep Curiosity Within Your Grasp

$ 29.95

Majestic Materials Made in the USA Gorgeous gold and silver foiling wraps the decks with a line of elegance. Sculpted embossing heightens the tactile nature of the packs with exquisite linen-textured stock. The paper is sourced from sustainable forests and printed with eco-friendly water based inks true to any great Apothecary.

Exquisite Illustrations Symbols That Signify Seeds bloom and trees peel into entrancing designs that are preserved into the cards. A story of thought hides behind each pack waiting to be discovered with each pack capturing the essence of a medium, a symbol, and season.

Old World Craftsmanship Mesmerizing Detail These gorgeous playing cards are an homage to old world illustrations. Reveling in the realm of true artisan craftsmanship, these cards embrace the engraving style intricacies that capture your curiosity with a wink to the mystical. Custom illustrated courts elevate the Apothecary experience with entrancing details that beg for a closer look.

Mystery Awaits Bring the Apothecary home with a prescription for the curious and fantastic. Keep your curiosity within your grasp with this two deck collection set.

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