White Rebels Edition Magna Carta Collection Rebels Unite!

$ 15.95

Arm Yourself Rebellion Awaits Symbolism and story await you within the intricate designs and compositions of the Rebels Deck. The ribbon displays the famous phrase "Legem Terrae", meaning the Law of the Land.

Endless Luxury With Your Personal Touch These tuck cases feature modern elegance that compliment the older illustrations in a beautiful juxtaposition. The luxury packaging reveals a suit when paired, and for the first time ever, an alternative mural based on your display habits. 

Together We Unite Fellow Barons Await You Each detailed cout card was carefully selected from a list of actual people involved in the Magna Carta, including the supporting leaders of the Rebel Barons. The suits were used to show the family factions and each ace was extensively illustrated to include a symbolic reference for those families. 

Commemorate History Balance the powers at be with the partnering Royals Deck. Collect two sets and experience the iconic Magna Carta mural at home.

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