UNBROKEN - A One-Of-A-Kind Mystery Deck

*Note: Thank you all for your amazing support*

An old fable tells of a sultan asking his sage to inscribe in the ring a quote expressing the meaning of life. 1 year later the sage finally brings back the ring with the following engraving “This too shall pass”…

This year's limited edition mystery deck sale is inspired by Kintsugi, the art of exalting past injuries and growing from them. Like life, each one of us is different, and like life, this year has affected each one of us individually.

UNBROKEN is a deck series that crafts individual decks for you. Those who own one of these decks will have a truly rare art piece.  This deck is limited edition in the truest sense of the term. Each deck features a completely different Kintsugi design. Only a few of the 250 designs are shown here meaning that what you receive will be a true mystery!

This isn't a deck produced for the masses. 

This deck is made for you - with a design as one-of-a-kind as yourself.

Limited Edition of 250. 

Each deck features:

  • A unique tuck box pattern, representing the context of life
  • A unique foiled mending pattern representing the individual experiences that we each face.
  • A complimenting glaze or matte finish that gives further identity to each individual design
  • An official "Experimental" seal sticker stating "1 of 1" representing the print run.
  • Glimmering gold or silver gilding on your deck. 
  • A protective DS1 case to ship in.

*Note:  This series is a pre-order with an updated shipping window of March 30th.

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